As a professional makeup artist, I work almost exclusively with brides. In many conversations with young women planning their day, I often hear an obvious lack of knowledge about what they should be expecting from their bridal makeup artist and who find themselves a little lost when looking through the high number of makeup artists out there.

  1. To secure your wedding date you should be expected to pay a deposit and to have some sort of contract between you at the artist.
    For me personal, your wedding date will not be secure with you returning the bridal booking form, filled in with the relevant information, the contract signed and the required deposit. Most bridal makeup artist will require 25 – 50% of the total package of services. A well-written contract will list the services being provided to each member of your bridal party with a schedule of appointment times. There should also be provisions made for unusual or unforeseen events like cancellation of the contract or illness on the wedding day. This gives you legal recourse to recover your funds if the artist does not provide the services as agreed. Be wary of any artist who does not provide a contract or does not want a deposit. There once was a time when all business could be done on a handshake, but for something this important, do you really want to risk it?
  2. Make sure this artist is known for doing bridal makeup.
    Just as in any profession, makeup artists can “specialize” in any number of areas. Those who work with brides exclusively will understand their needs better than an artist who just offers makeup for a night out. In addition to providing beautiful makeup in the style requested, a bridal artist should be mobile, be able to work with unpredictable lighting and space in various settings (hotel rooms or wedding venue dressing rooms), adhere to a tight schedule, and remain calm, relaxed and supportive for nervous brides experiencing the occasional pre-ceremony meltdown.
  3. They should be able to offer you a bridal portfolio.
    However lovely it maybe to flick through a portfolio full of beautifully put together bridal photoshoots, having photos of real-life brides in their portfolio is very important.
    Their portfolio will give you a good indication of their versatility and style. Are all the faces made up the same, or have they brought out the best in each face? Will they follow your style requests and welcome input from you and your bridal party?
  4. Do they have a website or blog?
    This is a good indication of the artist’s level of professionalism and dedication to their career. You will probably gain your first impression of the artist from online media, and so it should be informative, complete and current. Pictures should be clear and show their most recent work, with all information being up to date.

What kinds/brands of products do you use? Is this makeup good for pictures or photography?

You may not recognize the name brands used by pro artists, and that’s OK. What you’re really looking for is to exclude any artists who use one specific brand exclusively. As a professional who has used many, many brands, I can assure you that no single company does everything “right” for every person or situation. Select an artist who can change products to fit your needs and your skin. A bride having her wedding outdoors in July in will need very different products than a bride in getting married in a hotel in December.

How many people are you expecting your artist to accommodate for?

If you have a large bridal party, this will be a very important question to ask. If your ceremony is at 11:00 AM and you have 8 attendants, be prepared that your artist will most probably bring another artist to make up half of the bridal party, unless you want to be out of bed at 4am. Most artists will need a minimum of 30 – 45minutes with each bridesmaid or mother of the bride/groom, to as much as an hour with the bride. Make sure you carefully plan enough time on the wedding day so that preparations are not rushed.

What happens at the trial? How much is the trial or is it included in your services?

It’s important for you to check whether or not a trial is included in your initial bridal cost, some artists include it as a package for some it’s an extra cost.

Your consultation is the time to see that what you had originally envisioned is everything you expected for your makeup on your wedding day, that all the products work well on your skin, as well as it feeling, comfortable and lasting perfectly. This is the time that you can make any changes and to have a play about with different ideas and see what works perfectly for you.


Note: Photo by from Pexels