Makeup & Hair Lessons

Makeup and hair have the power to change how you feel about yourself and improve your confidence. Some 1-to-1 makeup/hair tuition time might be exactly what you need to get your confidence back and give you the chance to learn and discover a new you. In these lessons a step by step on how to recreate these looks will be emailed or posted out to you after the lesson including, recommended products within your budget that will help you achieve that desired look. Together we will look at the products you own and go through what you use or maybe what you own but have been too scared to use, or simply don’t know how to.

Day Look & Back to Basics

This is a chance to ask questions and learn about things you’ve always wanted to know about your every day make-up. You will also have the chance to experiment and try lots of new things with a huge range of products and an expert at your disposal. This is not a sit-and-watch session! This is a hands-on, give-it-a-go, have-some-fun, one-to-one guided tutorial. Together we will focus on core techniques that will form the basis of your new natural signature day look. Here is what this lesson will cover:

● Skin care advise to ensure you start with the best canvas for your new makeup skills

● A professional touch on all the basics to balance, define and lift your face: foundation, blusher, bronzer, powder, lips, eye shadow, eyeliner, lash-curlers, mascara, and eyebrows.

● Professional techniques for getting the best out of the products and tools you have at home

● A simple step-by-step make-up routine you can run through every day – and how to adapt it

● You can also adapt this lesson to focus on a few things you want to learn but haven’t quite mastered yet, for example: Winged eyeliner, Applying false lashes, Contouring & Highlighting, how to create a natural brow etc.

Appointment time: 1hr 30mins | £50.00

Subtle Day to Smoky Night

From work to wine bar, daylight to candlelight, garden party to dinner party, tennis club to nightclub, this session shows you how to glide effortlessly through without a care in the world. I’ll take you through my simple steps to developing your natural day look into an appropriate glamorous evening style.

● We’ll use your makeup and tools from your own makeup bag to see what products you have that are and aren’t working for you, and then we will look at what else you need to fill in the gaps to create that perfect look.

● For the second part of the lesson, you’ll learn how to vamp it up for the evening with a focus on eyes – blending, contouring and perfecting an achievable smoky eye, which is one of the most common requests in makeup artistry.

● As we will have been using your own make-up and tools, it will be easier for you to be able to repeat the transformation at home, at your desk, in the office, in the gym, in the ladies room, wherever you are!

Appointment time: 1hr 30mins | £50.00

Simple but Stylish (Hair Lesson)

Stuck in a rut with your hair? Or have you had the same hairstyle for years? You now have the chance to switch it up a little. Here is what this lesson will cover:

● How to add volume with a blow dry

● Curling with hair straighteners

● A few easy but very effective day to day hairstyles that you can then adapt for a more glamorous look for those special occasions

● You can also use this lesson to use my professional help on something that you have always wanted to learn but have never managed to master, for example: Hair braids, Victory rolls, A Bouffant and anything else that you would like to try.

Appointment time: 1hr 30mins | £50.00

Teen Makeup Lesson

As a makeup artist and skin care therapist, I show women how to use make-up to reveal their beautiful face, not mask it. For me, teen make-up is not about seeing imperfections and covering them up. It’s about recognizing your beautiful features, and making the most of them with the right colours and techniques. So whatever skin challenges your daughter is having, whatever habits she’s stuck in, whatever trends she’s following, you can trust me. I will gently open her eyes to a natural style and tactfully guide her away from the need to mask, hide and conceal. I will show her professional tips and techniques as part of a simple routine she can use every day to wear her beauty confidently. I tailor my teen lesson entirely on the beautiful person in front of me. I use a step-bystep, half-face technique so she will see clearly how each step brings out her features. Here is what this lesson will cover:

● How to clean and protect teenage skin

● Core skills for applying fresh, natural-looking make-up

● An eye-opening understanding of what makes her face uniquely beautiful

● Professional techniques for getting the best out of the products and tools she has at home.

Appointment time: 1hr 30mins | £50.00

Destination Bride

Jetting off to a different country, deciding whether or not to do your own wedding makeup or maybe you went to book Be Fabulous for your bridal makeup but unfortunately found out I was already booked? Well there’s no need to stress my Destination Bridal lesson is a fabulously focused one-to-one workshop designed to give you the confidence to apply your own professional wedding day make-up that lasts all day, looks gorgeous in daylight and photographs like a dream. Together we’ll design your bespoke bridal make-up, considering key features from your wedding day, including your hairstyle, flowers, dress, the location, the season, even time of day. We’ll explore any particular looks you love, and we’ll draw inspiration from the natural beauty of your face. With my bridal make-up, you won’t have to spend your day constantly applying products just to be ready for the cameras. I can show you how to apply a stunning bridal look using light-capturing products for incredible photo-friendly facial definition. All you’ll need to do is smile.

● The bridal lessons are based on the “half face” technique, where I will demonstrate each stage step by step on one half of your face, and then guide you to apply the make-up to the other half of your face using the techniques that you have just learned. This “learning through doing” approach will give you the confidence that you will need to be able to repeat what you have learned once you have left my salon.

● I will type up and send to you a full list of products and tools used and a simple, memorable application routine, including pictures to turn your dream design into reality, each step infused with calmness and confidence to carry you through your big day.

● We will also check in with you a few weeks before you leave for the wedding too, just to make sure you feel 100% confident and there’s nothing further you need to know in preparation for your wedding makeup.

Appointment time: 2hrs 30mins | £80.00

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